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Good morning, friends, and welcome to the morning paper on September 26. On Saturday morning, embrace the sun and cherish the last rest day before National Day!


Suarez’s transfer event finally came to an end. The Barcelona’s meritorious player finally put on the shirt of the Legion. In the new season, he will continue to be the owner of No. 9, but it’s a pity that the blue has turned white and the team on his chest. The emblem also changed its appearance. Messi sent an affectionate farewell message. All the stars and friends also felt sorry for the ending of Su Ya, but more, I wish him all the best in Atletico Madrid!


In the Chinese Super League, with the end of the penultimate round, the places for the championship and relegation groups in the Suzhou division have been settled. SIPG, Guoan, Chongqing and Hebei have successfully entered the top four, while Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, Qingdao and TEDA will fight for relegation, the next step is to see how the specific matchup in the second stage is going.

在中国超级联赛中,随着倒数第二轮比赛的结束,苏州分部的冠军和降级小组的席位已经确定。 SIPG,国安,重庆和河北已成功进入前四名,而石家庄,武汉,青岛和泰达则将争取降级,下一步是看看第二阶段的具体对决是如何进行的。

On September 25, Beijing time, with the end of the 13th round of the first stage of the 2020 Super League, the situation in the first stage of the Super League is basically clear. The 8 teams in the championship group have confirmed 7 and the last place will be in Shenhua and Shenzhen. Between.


Atletico Madrid officially announced that Suarez will wear the team's No. 9 shirt.


After Suarez moved to Atletico Madrid, Messi bid farewell to Suarez on his personal social media today.


At 20:00 on September 25th, Beijing time, the 13th round of the first stage of the Super League in Suzhou ushered in a focus battle. Shanghai SIPG faced Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. In the first half, Hulk made a point and personally made a hit. Lopez missed a single shot. In the second half, Hulk took two free kicks to the center post. Zhang Yuning scored in stoppage time. Vieira fell to the ground under Mui's defense in the penalty area. The referee did not award a penalty kick. In the end, SIPG defeated Guoan 1-0 to lock the Suzhou Division champion.

北京时间9月25日20:00,苏州超级联赛第一阶段第13轮迎来了一场焦点战。上海SIPG面对北京中和国安。上半年,绿巨人提出了自己的观点,并取得了成功。洛佩兹错过了一杆。下半场,绿巨人两次任意球踢到中锋。张裕宁在补时阶段得分。维埃拉(Vieira)在梅(Mui)的禁区里的防守下倒下了。裁判员未判罚任意球。最后,SIPG 1-0击败国万博体育官网地址安队锁定了苏州分区冠军。

At 15:30 on September 25th, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the Suzhou Division of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang played against Tianjin Teda. The referee was Jin Jingyuan. In the first half, there were absolutely few opportunities for both sides. Gao Xiang scored with a header. Zhou Junchen made a point in the second half, and Alessandrini scored into the net with a spoon point, and then Alessandrini scored another goal. In the end, Qingdao 3-0 TEDA. So far, with only one round left in the league, Qingdao Huanghai has determined the 7th place in Group B. Due to points and win-loss relations, Qingdao Huanghai’s opponent in the second stage has been determined. Ranked 6th in Group A, Guangzhou R&F.


At 20:00 on September 25, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the first stage of the Super League, Shijiazhuang Yongchang played against Chongqing Dangdai. In the first half, Jiang Zhe assisted Adrian to break the deadlock, Chen Jie was injured and was replaced by Dili Murati, Caldek pushed to expand the score. In the second half, Deng Xiaofei dyed red to give points, Su Zu hit a penalty kick, Caldek assisted Adrian to score the goal, before the end of the game, Adrian hit a penalty kick to complete the hat trick. In the end, Chongqing defeated Yongchang 4-1 to win five straight Lock the championship group.

北京时间9月25日20:00,在中超联赛第一阶段的第13轮中,石家庄永昌队与重庆当代队对阵。上半场,江哲助攻阿德里安打破僵局,陈杰受伤,被迪利·穆拉蒂(Dili Murati)取代,卡德克(Caldek)扩大比分。下半场,邓小飞染成红色,苏祖打出点球,卡尔德克助攻阿德里安射门,比赛结束前,阿德里安打出点球完成帽子戏法。最终,重庆以4-1击败永昌,赢得五连胜。

At 20:00 on September 25, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the Suzhou Division of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan Zall played against Hebei China Fortune. The referee was Shi Zhenlu. In the first half, both sides had offensive and defensive, and Malcon assisted Toure to score the first goal. In the second half, Malcon took a free kick to the post and then scored with a powerful shot. In the end, Hebei 2-0 Wuhan.


Atletico Madrid officially confirmed the joining of Suarez and said that the club signed with Suarez for two seasons.


According to the news of the famous Romano, Manchester City has made a total price of 55 million euros for Benfica's Ruben Diaz, which also includes team defender Otamendi.

根据著名的罗马诺的消息,曼城已经为本菲卡的鲁本·迪亚兹(Ruben Diaz)支付了5500万欧元,其中还包括球队后卫奥塔曼迪(Otamendi)。

Barcelona officially announced that Coutinho will wear the team's No. 14 jersey in the new season.


According to a source on social media, Chelsea received an offer for Kaipa.


According to "Aspen" news, Barcelona's wage burden has been reduced by more than 52 million euros, while Bartomeu's goal is to reduce 100 million euros.


According to official EFL news, Tottenham will advance directly to the fourth round of the League Cup due to the fact that many opponents in Leiden East have infected the new crown. Their opponent is Chelsea.


The third round of the Premier League kicked off this weekend. Manchester City midfielder De Bruyne passed a shot in the last round and performed very well. According to Sky Sports' odds for the PFA Player of the Year, De Bruyne leads the way and is significantly ahead of other opponents.

英超联赛的第三轮比赛本周末开始。曼彻斯特城中场De Bruyne在上一轮中通过射门,表现非常出色。根据天空体育(Sky Sports)年度PFA选手的赔率,德布鲁因(De Bruyne)遥遥领先,远远领先于其他对手。

Yesterday, Beijing time, the Chinese Super League officially announced the time schedule for the 14th round of the first phase of the Super League this season.


On September 25, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Shanghai SIPG defeated Beijing Zhonghe Guoan 1-0. A suspected penalty kick by the China An team was not awarded, which affected the progress of the game. After the game, Guoan translator Fu Hao alluded to the injustice of the referee on social media.

北京时间9月25日,在中国超级联赛的第13轮中,上海SIPG 1-0击败北京中和国安。中国安队的一次罚球未获判,这影响了比赛的进行。赛后,国安翻译傅浩在社交媒体上暗示了裁判的不公。

Yesterday, Beijing time, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan lost 0-1 to Shanghai SIPG and locked in second place in the Suzhou Division in advance. During the game, several controversial penalties of the referee Zhang Lei caused widespread heated discussions.


On September 24, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the Super League, Jiangsu Suning played against Guangzhou Evergrande. During the game, veteran Zheng Zhi kicked water bottles for 3 consecutive times on the sidelines to vent his dissatisfaction, which also triggered extensive discussions. In this regard, "The Paper" said that 40-year-old Zheng Zhi has become a part-time assistant coach from a player, but his anger has not changed.


According to the Brazilian media globo report, Luneng has paid off the three-month salary owed to Gedes.


After Guoan's 0-1 loss to SIPG, Guoan locked in second place in the Suzhou Division and will play against Luneng or Jiangsu in the second stage. The referee's penalty in this game caused huge controversy, and coach Genesio expressed his dissatisfaction after the game.


Recently, Goulart accepted an exclusive interview with Brazil's "Global Sports". He said that he would not consider returning to Brazil now and would complete "big projects" in China.


In the early hours of this week, Real Madrid will challenge Betis in the league away game. After the first round flattening Real Sociedad, the forward weakness once again became the theme of today's Zidane press conference.


Liverpool coach Klopp said in a pre-match press conference against Arsenal: "Arteta's Arsenal are very strong, but we still have a chance."


On the afternoon of September 25th, local time in Italy, Morata officially appeared at Juventus. He expressed his feelings of returning to the old place and hoped to help Juventus win the Champions League this season.


Koscielny, who played for Arsenal, apologized to Arsenal fans in an interview with Get French Football News. He said: "I apologize for the video of the transfer to Bordeaux last year. I have no intention of offending Arsenal."


After Liverpool beat Lincoln City 7-2, Liverpool teenager Neko Williams was vilified by fans for his poor performance. He changed his social media profile picture to an all-black picture.


After Suarez moved to Atletico, his friend Messi’s wife Antonella also said goodbye to Suarez’s wife Sofia on social media.


21:30 Bundesliga Augsburg vs Dortmund


22:00 Premier League Crystal Palace vs Everton


Cagliari vs Lazio


00:30 Premier League West Brom vs Chelsea


02:45 Serie A Inter Milan vs Florence


03:00 La Liga Real Betis vs Real Madrid


15:30 Chinese Super League Shandong Luneng vs Guangzhou R&F

15: 中超30强山东鲁能vs广州富力

20:00 Chinese Super League Guangzhou Evergrande vs Dalian Ren

20: 00中超广州恒大vs大连人

21:00 Premier League Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United


21:30 Bundesliga Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich


22:00 La Liga Atletico Madrid vs Granada


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