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   Manuscript source: Beijing headlines


It’s not an exaggeration to describe Bosnia-Herzegovina’s central defender Shunich’s joining with “calling out for ever”. After going through the “procedures” of his old club’s Dinamo Moscow official’s departure and arrival in Shanghai for isolation, Guoan finally Late at night on the 30th, before the domestic transfer window closed, the Boss were officially announced to join. And as official news shows that he will be loaned to Henan Jianye, which means that he will not work for Guoan for the time being. Even so, Shunich is now a member of Guoan, and fans can learn about his strength through his performance on renting.


   Shunich, who was born on December 15, 1988, is 1.94 meters tall. He is a typical tall central defender with excellent physical fitness. Excellent frontal air defense capabilities are the main reasons why he can break through the mainstream European leagues. Since landing in Germany in 2015, in the last 5 seasons, his footprints have been in the Bundesliga, Serie A and Russian Super League. During the German League, he was not the absolute main force of the team. He was also temporarily rented out to the Kuban team of the Russian Super League by Stuttgart. However, after his return to Germany in the 2016-17 season, Stuttgart has been relegated to the Bundesliga. However, after playing 10 games this season, he moved to Palermo in Serie A, but he also did not get a stable chance to play. In half a season, he only played 7 times, and only 2 of them. First time.


Schunich’s real explosion came in 2017. In the Russian league that pays attention to physical confrontation, he finally ushered in his own bright moment. The 2017-18 season is his first season with Dynamo Moscow. It became the team's defensive core, not only played 27 times, but also dedicated 3 goals. In the following 2018-19 season, he made 29 appearances and all starts. Although only one goal was scored, his role became more and more important. In the last two years of national team games, he is basically the team's main defense force, playing a lot of times. In the last two rounds of the UEFA Europa League, wearing the No. 15 jersey, he is the best choice for the central defender.

Schunich真正的爆发发生在2017年。在关注身体对抗的俄罗斯联赛中,他终于迎来了自己的辉煌时刻。 2017-18赛季是他在莫斯科迪纳摩的第一个赛季。它成为了球队的防守核心,不仅出场27次,而且贡献了3个进球。在接下来的2018-19赛季中,他出场29场,并且全部首发。尽管只有一个进球,但他的作用越来越重要。在过去两年的国家队比赛中,他基本上是球队的主要防守力量,出场很多次。在欧足联欧洲联赛的前两轮中,他穿着15号球衣,是中后卫的最佳选择。

   So, what is the purpose of Guoan when introducing such a foreign aid central defender and then lending it to Jianye? Although Jin Minzai has not left the team as the outside world guessed, his popularity in mainstream European leagues is obvious to all. In other words, it is only a matter of time before he leaves the team at the age of 24. And even if it is temporarily unable to play for Guoan, in the new season in the future, Shunich will inevitably be the core of Guoan's defense, and his replacement will be the position of the Korean. So from this perspective, signing him and sending him to a team that desperately needs relegation is not difficult to understand. After all, for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Super League is a brand new league, and he also needs time to adapt. The second stage of the game is the best opportunity. After experiencing the baptism of these games, when Schunich returns to Guoan at the end of the year, he will have a deeper understanding of the entire Chinese league and help him better integrate into Guoan.

那么,国安引进这样的外援中央后卫然后借给建业的目的是什么?尽管Jin Minzai并没有像外界所猜测的万博体育官网地址那样离开球队,但他在欧洲主流联赛中的声望对所有人都是显而易见的。换句话说,他在24岁时离开球队只是时间问题。即使暂时无法为国安队效力,在未来的新赛季,舒尼希也将不可避免地成为国安万博官网登录网址队的核心国防,他的接任将是朝鲜人的立场。因此,从这个角度来看,签下他并将他派到一个急需降级的团队并不难理解。毕竟,对于波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那来说,超级联赛是一个全新的联盟,他也需要时间来适应。游戏的第二阶段是最好的机会。在经历了这些比赛的洗礼之后,当Schunich在今年年底回到国安队时,他将对整个中国联赛有更深入的了解,并帮助他更好地融入国安队。

As we all know, the main reason for Guoan to introduce Shunich is that Jin Minjae may leave the team before. However, the latest news shows that the Koreans have not been able to play in his favorite European mainstream league for the time being. This also explains why Shunich has already Ending the contract with the old club and coming to Shanghai for isolation, but there is no official reason, after all, his predecessor is still there. However, due to Augusto's tendon injury in the game before, the specific recovery time is uncertain, these are the keys to Shunich joining and who he will eventually replace.


In the end, after comprehensive consideration, Guoan made the decision to temporarily rent Shunic out, and this also revealed two major signals. The most important one is the current rehabilitation of Augusto. Since the Brazilians have no The cancellation of the registration means that his injury is not too far from the expected, and he can at least catch up with one of the Luneng rounds, otherwise Guoan will not waste such an excellent substitution opportunity. If Augusto can play the back game, of course the team still has to give the deputy captain the strongest support. From the latest inspection results, the Brazilian's injury situation is improving, and he himself hopes to catch up with Luneng.


   Another reason that cannot be ignored is that Jin Minya’s staying in the team gives Guoan a choice and can delay the arrival time of the black people. After all, where the Koreans’ ability lies, his importance to the defense and the defensive system built around him are also more familiar to the players. Considering the relatively short preparation time at this stage, instead of risking a newcomer to break With its inherent system, Guoan chose to believe in the existing staffing and tacit understanding.


However, everything has its two sides. Since Guoan chooses to trust Augusto, trust the existing players and the system that has been built, it has to give up such an opportunity to improve the quality of defense. After all, Shunic still has a good The individual defensive ability. Imagine that if Shunich and Jin Minza partnered with the central defender, Guoan's quality in frontal defense would definitely be greatly improved, but none of this can be achieved at present, and if nothing happens, it will not be achieved in the future. After all, Shunich himself came to Guoan and he wanted to replace the Koreans.

但是,一切都有其两个方面。由于国安选择信任奥古斯托,信任现有的球员和已经建立的体系,因此它必须放弃这样的机会来提高防御质量。毕竟,舒尼克仍然具有良好的个人防守能力。想象一下,如果Shunich和Jin Minza与中央后卫合作,那么国安在正面防守上的素质肯定会大大提高,但是目前这些都无法实现,而且如果什么也没有发生,将来将无法实现。毕竟,舒尼希本人来过国安,他想取代韩国人。

From this point of view, after some trade-offs, Guoan still chose to continue to leave the trust to the original five foreign aids, and if they can maintain the state of the last two rounds of the first stage, they can indeed give Guoan supporters a share A reassurance. After all, the level of Guoan's foreign aid is there, even if it is against a rival like Shandong Luneng, Guoan can still play its own thing.


   Guoan coaching staff and senior management must have made such a decision after repeated consideration and inner struggle, otherwise they would not announce the news at the last minute before closing. If you have come, you will be safe. Since you choose to let Shunich go out for exercise, Guoan must give enough trust to the existing staff. After all, playing the knockout games starting in October is the top priority of this year's league.


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